Aaron Trent – Body Modification Artist


Following the conclusion of his high school studies which saw him finish at the top of his class, Aaron set out into a Film & Digital Media degree with the aim to build/ design film props and the like. Later this focus was altered somewhat and he found himself drawn to the fine arts ultimately completing the Bachelor of Applied Media Arts (Fine Arts) in 2008.Again finishing at the top of his class overall, Aaron explored a multitude of mediums, both privately and in public, finally settling upon a major in painting with a minor in printmaking (screenprinting) Having exhibited in combined and solo exhibitions before, during and after the completion of his studies many of his works and prints have been sold nationally and internationally.

With a mind to education and experiences tutoring art to a variety of age groups, 2009 saw Aaron embark upon a Post graduate diploma in Secondary School teaching. Fate had another plan for him however and he soon found himself in the world of business, studying towards a post graduate diploma in business, which currently is at the final thesis stage.

Finding himself at a crossroads and at the encouragement of friends and relatives he decided to pursue an apprenticeship in tattooing. Eventually being taken under the wing of Tia Skerret (Valerio), an internationally recognised Body modification artist, who also offered him the opportunity to learn other methods of body modification (primarily piercing).

Aaron would eventually take over the shop that Tia started, and began to build a team of like minded individuals with a passion for the arts and design who shared the same vision for Body modification.

In his spare time Aaron enjoys building, woodworking and electronics, playing guitar, collecting comic books and vintage action figures (many of which are on display in the studio!) along with his outside of work art projects – painting, drawing, screenprinting and design.

Personal Statement

“I place a high priority on extending my skills and knowledge base through education both with my extensive Tertiary studies and through my own eclectic hobbies and interests.I believe that all aspects of myself can always be improved upon and as such have sought out and continue to seek an array of educational opportunities.

I am friendly, courteous and polite. I set high standards for myself and have the expectation that my work should reach or succeed this level at all times.  I am conscientious, hardworking and reliable.

I bring to the table an extensive knowledge of contemporary trends and styles while also maintaining a desire to continue to learn and grow as an artist.”