Body Piercing

After a body piercing? Drop in or make a booking to talk to our professionally trained body piercer for a FREE consultation!

Smilie piercing featuring a captive bead ring.

Piercing Info

Our piercer has had more than a decade of experience and has undergone the appropriate training to ensure that your piercing of the highest quality. We use the most up to date body piercing methods, only autoclavable sterilised surgical stainless steel or disposable equipment, and our needles are single-use disposable only.

We perform a wide range of piercings including ear, body and genital piercings. We adhere to a strict Age of Consent Policy to ensure that everyone is protected.

Although we are happy to take walk-ins when we have the availability, it is recommended to make a booking by dropping us a line or flicking through a message as our piercer is often quite busy.

Our Gift Vouchers can also be redeemed for piercings!

Ear featuring an Industrial piercing, cartilage and lobe as well as a plug.


Our jewellery is of the highest quality – 316L stainless steel, titanium and bioplast jewelry of all kinds, including a variety of specialty pieces. If we don’t have what you’re after, just ask and we can see if we can source it for you.

We also supply hand crafted custom stretchers, plugs and tunnels – so come and check out our jewellery in-store!


Full aftercare instructions for your piercing are provided verbally and in the form of a pamphlet on the day of your piercing.

Once you leave our premises with your new piercing, you alone will be responsible for keeping it clean, dry, and leaving it alone in order to allow it to heal properly.

Please note that we neither use, nor encourage the use of, piercing guns. We are a needle-only establishment.

Feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have during healing.